Powder Coating

Powder Coating Your Home

If you have just started a home improvement project and are redoing your furniture or windows, you would have come across the term powder coating. When I first heard about this I had no clue what it was. Every time my contractor said that a particular item needs powder coating, I thought it was just another ruse to make more money and bill me for something that is not required. So I decided to take my questions to the best roof damage repair company Indianapolis has to offer . . . and boy was I surprised at what I learned.  A quick conversation and I soon realized that it is indeed a very environment-friendly and efficient way of preserving the life of your furniture and other metal objects in your home.

It is typically used instead of liquid coats and paints since it is much more durable and efficient than those methods. Powder coating is essentially a process where a dry powder coating is applied through an electrostatic method and is then tempered with heat so that the powder becoming free flowing and forms a second skin over the metal to which it is applied. This creates a very hard finish that is much better than traditional paint.

One of the key reasons to use powder coating over other liquid coats is that it produces much less hazardous waste than liquid coats and thus is more environment friendly. Other liquids have solvents which contain pollutants known as volatile organic compounds. Powder coating does not contain any such solvents. It thus eliminates the need for manufacturers to maintain expensive pollution control equipment.

One of the other benefits is that powder coating is extremely durable and versatile. It is very economical and can work with almost any kind of metal. You can opt for almost any color and the choice of colors will never be an issue. The colors also remain bright and shiny for a very long duration. You can not only get different colors but you can also opt for different textures as well. You can have either a smooth or a wrinkled finish. If the surface has certain imperfections and is not smooth, you can opt for a rough texture to hide these imperfections.

One of the downsides though is it needs slightly higher maintenance than regular liquid coats as it is prone to chipping and scratches. You should be careful to keep these surfaces away from any sharp objects that may cause scratches.

The advantages of this method far outweigh the disadvantages and you must definitely consider this method during your next home improvement project.